Corsair 880 Design News

How we are using technology to our advantage.

The technology available to R&D teams today is light years ahead of where it was just a decade ago. In such a short amount of time, new technologies have hit the market and those technologies have progressively become more affordable and accessible to individuals and businesses. We demonstrated the use of 3D printing on the 880 model displayed at both the Dusseldorf and Miami boat shows earlier this year. What was previously a lengthy process of fine handiwork has now been achieved through the use of a desktop 3D printer. Such technology has enabled out design team to actually print full size or to scale mock ups of components and allow them to be more adventurous in their design.

When it came to the tooling design we also considered how we could best use the technology currently available to maximize the accuracy of our plugs and therefore incorporate increased complexity into the design and hull/deck and beam interrelations.  We ended up proceeding with a fairly traditional process of framing and planking which was the fastest way to produce the general shape however in the most critical areas, such as the beam and strut landings, large scale 3D printed components have been produced and will be grafted into the hull surface producing pinpoint accuracy for this critical area of the 880 design.

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