Corsair 880 Trimaran | Successful Australian Debut at the 2022 Sydney International Boat Show

Returning after 2 years of now shows due to Covid 19, the 2022 Sydney International Boat Show has brought the new breath to the boating community. Boating enthusiasts gathered for a weekend at ICC Sydney & Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour for a fantastic display of all things boating. Inspiring lifestyle and luxury products, educational seminars, and endless entertainment were all well-organized and throughout the show. Following weeks of uncharacteristically cold Sydney weather, a break in the clouds finally came through, and the show came to life…

This year, Sydney also welcomed the debut of the new Corsair 880 Sport at the show. With 22 880s launched and sailing all over the globe, it was a joy to finally see an 880 in Australian waters. Thanks to the hard work of Australian Corsair dealer, Multihull Central, the delivery and commissioning of the Corsair 880 with the boat being assembled following container freight delivery from the factory in Vietnam, arriving just days before the show.

Corsair 880 – Official Australian Debut at the 2022 Sydney International Boat Show

The first three days at the show were the busiest for us. The Corsair 880 Sport, being the first on display in Australia, turned many heads and captured the attention of many people walking by the marina. It was not unexpected to see a long waiting line at the dock, as the folding mechanism, an outstanding feature of all Corsair models, is surely an interesting concept to many. Curious spectators were astonished and many questions were raised – can the float be folded, can this boat be trailered, can this compact trimaran accommodate a family of four, etc. Yes, yes, and yes. This trailerable, compact cruising trimaran is perfectly suitable for racing and family cruising as it is lightweight, can sleep five, and folded in under 40 minutes!

Corsair Trimarans Folding Mechanism Explained

It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t! Visitors had the chance to get onboard and tour around the Corsair 880. People love to see the folding floats with their own eyes, experience the sturdy trampolines, testing the shrouds, scrutinizing the mast, and the feeling the cozy interior below. Some owners of the Farrier range (we are looking at around 10-20 years ago here!) also came just to see the new Corsair 880, F27’s legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution. And as a big fan and have been sailing tris, they always have a keen eye on the Corsair trimarans thanks to its pocket features that are convenient to take them everywhere they go. It’s always great to hear the feedback of current and previous trimarans who have experienced the F27 through the years. The shift in float volume and interiors space often being the talking point as the 880 has such a larger float than the older style of trimaran, allowing much more sail area to be carried, whilst also improving safety with the modern reverse bow.

“I have heard of these tris going around for years, but not many are seen in Australia. These boats are simply impressive with the size and its speed. And you can trailer it! It’s more than I could ever ask for!” – praised by many visitors at the show.

Close-ups of the Corsair 880. View more

Questions were expertly fielded onboard by Multihull Central Trimaran specialist, Michael Meehan. Michael himself owns and regularly sails on his Corsair 760 in local racing and is the go to man for all things Corsair in Australia.

Spectators were impressed by the Corsair 880’s powerful wings


The show ran until 7pm from 28 July to 1 August 2022. When the sun sets, the strong wind emerged and the flow of visitors slows down, we turned on the interior lights, snuggled up inside, and possibly even had the occasional end-of-day beer. To our surprise, this chilly weather didn’t stop determined corsair visitors to get onboard even at late hours….

Marina 147 on Day 2 and 3 were swamped with onlookers examining the boat from the dock and appreciating her beauty: the folding system, rotating mast, retractable daggerboard, the bowsprit, etc. All were impressed with how impressive she looks in the flesh. Michael just can’t get a break from all the inquiries and need his quick lunch while talking to people (yet he doesn’t mind that at all!). Michael’s enthusiasm is simply unmatched when it comes to this trimaran, and sailing in general.

“This is an exciting time for trimaran sailing,” says Brent Vaughan, Director at Multihull Central. “It’s been almost 40 years of trimaran innovation since Corsair’s F27 was inducted into the sailing Hall of Fame. Even back in 1986 the boat was recognised for being big enough to cruise with some essential comforts, light enough to be fast and generate its own apparent wind, yet small enough to trailer behind a regular 4WD. In 2022 we see these same features reimagined and much more.”

The team was also glad to welcome the boat’s owners, who flew all the way from Brisbane just to view their own boat in the flesh (it goes without saying that it’s nothing compared to seeing your baby for the first time!). They then flew back to Brisbane on the same day. No words can describe their overflowing enthusiasm for the boat.

Happy owners of the Corsair 880 Hull #23

Subscribers of Tula’s Endless Summer, the sailing couple who sailed the Corsair 880 along the US Coast and completed the Florida loop in 2021, instantly recognized this beauty at the show. Again, it’s nothing like actually seeing one in reality instead of through the glossy screens. Questions come again on how to fold this, how to trailer this, does the mast come down when you trailer it, what are the differences between this and the standard Corsair 880, etc. All the inquiries were handled by our trimaran expert Michael, who rarely even had time for lunch with a constant stream of eager visitors. All worthwhile however with 2 confirmed orders for new boats taken at the show. Congratulation and thank you to those new 880 owners, and welcome to the Corsair family!

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Features and benefits of the Corsair 880 include:

  • Comfort whether under sail or at anchor. The floats act as stabilisers providing a sense of incredible stability. Modest onboard accommodation offers all the essentials required for cruising including two double beds, a separate enclosed head, freshwater sinks, two burner gas stove, fridge, timber laminate veneer trim and upholstered lounges.
  • Low draft for anchoring means no tender required. The 450mm draft allows for protected anchoring with the boat nudging the shoreline allowing guests one step from the vessel onto the sandy beach.
  • Performance is without a doubt a key feature. The feeling of serenity is undeniable when you only need a few knots of wind to get the boat moving in flat conditions free of whitecaps. For a more spirited ride in fresher conditions, the boat can easily reach 15 knots off the breeze, outpoint monohulls into the wind all while remaining relatively level.
  • Trailerability opens up endless possibilities for cruising. Allowing fast access by road to some exclusive destinations without the days or weeks travelling to the destination by sea.

Watch the show’s recap now:

Missed the chance to view the Corsair 880 at the show? No worries! Register for a test sail aboard our flagship Corsair 880 below and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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