The Corsair 880 is on-tour with the amazing couple, Billy and Sierra, of the sailing channel Tulas Endless Summer.  In fact, Billy and Sierra are into everything water and anything to do with the ocean –  including surfing, paddling, swimming, kiting, spearfishing and especially SAILING!  So the versatile Corsair 880 is a great fit for them.

In November 2020, the Corsair 880 started her journey along the US Coast from New England to Florida.  Now they are ready to begin the next stage in their journey from the North-East USA.

Previously, we published the article featuring the new Corsair 880 Interior with detailed description of the furniture and layout inside the 880.  The impressive new interior design needs to be seen to be appreciated – but we hope the virtual tour will nevertheless provide great insight into life aboard the Corsair 880, the legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution.

View Corsair 880 performance trimaran

Since there are many of you who have requested a tour that showed every little interior feature, here it is, a complete technical tour of the new Corsair 880 trimaran.  This boat has a full “big boat system” including electric lighting, refrigeration, manual or electric toilet, and even air conditioning is available.  A small generator complements a lightweight air conditioning or heating unit, and providing comfortable electrical independence when cruising in hot or cold climes. In true Corsair fashion, that generator and air conditioner are removable to reduce excess weight when racing, or reduce trailer weight when on the road. And this is where the 880 trimaran is the revolutionary boat it promises – all of that comes in a folding, trailerable package well below the trailering weight limit of most passenger cars.

Enjoy the tour:

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