Corsair 880 Construction Update #17

With the structure now complete, our team begin completing the deck hardware and finer details of the 880 design. This week we move the 880 out of the factory and raised the rig for the first time. We put the focus on simplifying the mast raising process, one of the driving factors resulting in the choice for carbon fiber masts on both the standard and sport version. Being a sport version, hull #1 has the 13.5m rig which naturally is heavier than the standard 12m mast, therefore by making the process as easy as possible here we will naturally achieve a very simple process on the lighter 12m mast. We begin by raising the mast using the halyard winch by feeding the spinnaker tack line up to the spinnaker halyard. After raising the mast we tighten the cap shrouds  and then begin raising and checking the sails.

One of the new concepts incorporated in this design is the combination of a bolt rope and headboard car on the mainsail. This system involves an aluminum extrusion which features both a boltrope groove and battencar track. We are therefore able to secure the high load of the head to the mast with a battencar but use a bolt rope along the remainder of the sail. By using this combination we have been able to manage the sail loads, minimize the load on the halyard for raising and also allowing us to use the highly effective and renowned roller furling boom that you find on the former Corsair 28 and todays 760 models.

We now have our rig complete, sails have been checked and an 880 all but complete. We now just need to setup an engine installation, electrical system, wingnets and then we begin testing.

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  1. Bill May 5, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    Do you have a price target in mind for the 880.

  2. Rob Laws May 11, 2020 at 4:05 pm


    I have a 760R which is a couple of months old. Is it possible to use deck winch to raise my mast – whats the setup at the front to allow this.

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