How To Set Up A Cosair Trimaran

The process of launching a trimaran, from raising the mast to trailing to the water can be stressful for new sailors. Here is a quick and simple guide on how to set up a Corsair folding trimaran. This post features the 29' Corsair 880, the 2021 Boat of the Year in the Sport Category. [...]

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The Corsair 880 is on-tour with the amazing couple, Billy and Sierra, of the sailing channel Tulas Endless Summer.  In fact, Billy and Sierra are into everything water and anything to do with the ocean -  including surfing, paddling, swimming, kiting, spearfishing and especially SAILING!  So the versatile Corsair 880 is a great fit [...]

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The Corsair 760 offers better performance and versatility

Solo Sail, Family Fun or Race with Mates The Corsair 760 offers a incredibly versatile platform that can be  folded away and transported by trailer to your favourite destination, but unfolds to provide space, speed and stability when sailing. Optimised for short handed sailing, it’s ideal for a solo adventure to a remote location, [...]

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Folding System Check-Up At the heart of the Corsair Trimaran sailing experience is the folding system.  Our trimarans are uniquely versatile through their trailerability.  Being able to drive to new locations is of critical importance to many Corsair buyers - and it's something you can read more about here. So when it came to designing [...]

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Corsair 880 Construction Update #17

With the structure now complete, our team begin completing the deck hardware and finer details of the 880 design. This week we move the 880 out of the factory and raised the rig for the first time. We put the focus on simplifying the mast raising process, one of the driving factors resulting in [...]

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