Corsair & Seawind Pittwater Regatta 2022

Corsair Regatta held with the Seawind regatta hosted by Multihull Central was the first regatta of this year on the 28th – 29th of January at the beautiful offshore Pittwater. Huge congrats to the success of annual Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta 2022 which there’s no better way to start your racing season in the Australia than with the Corsair & Seawind Regatta. This event is not the time for real sailors express their skilled ability only, but it also helps the new owners gain the experiences from them. Stories about cruising adventure was shared that will broaden your horizon about the ocean lifestyle, you can learn a lot from experts from their realistic journey.

Fresh morning breeze blows in the Sun of a molten fiery red came above the horizon at this annual event and it certainly seemed to make for passionate crew, almost too passionate on a couple of the boats in Pittwater who traded some varnish on the start line. Guaranteed that our guests will be in their comfort as much as possible to enjoy the entire event. In order to do that, we have set up the lunch with qualified meal and drink brought by professional chef.

Look forward to seeing all of you again at the October Regatta. Entry is now open for the next owners regatta to be held on the 7th & 8th October 2022 following the Lock Crowther Regatta with Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay. Entry available at

Let see more photos of the regatta.


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