About Shane Grover

Shane is a long time Multihull sailor. Having moved from racing skiffs in Australia with his local sailing academy as a junior, Shane quickly found a love for all things multihulls and completed his training as a shipwright in the early 2000's at Seawind Catamarans. Shane has managed design and build projects at Corsair as well as managed catamaran production at the Corsair headquarters. Shane has been sailing and building multihulls of all sizes for over a decade and loves to get out on the water wherever and whenever possible.

Corsair 880 Under Construction #7

880 Construction Update 5 We have a deck! The deck framing now has surfaces covered and a coat of filler applied. You can even see in some of the photos all those small details that took so long to define in the design stage. Things like correct drainage of gutters, hatch recesses, and provisions [...]

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Corsair 880 Under Construction #6

880 Construction Update 6 Ok, so as you have seen in the last few updates the Corsair 880 trimaran is really starting to take shape now. At this stage in the game tape measures and calipers are our go to tool. Everything is getting checked and rechecked, we really need to nail this deck, [...]

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Trimaran Corsair 880 Construction Update #5

While work continues on the hull and deck of the trimaran Corsair 880, beam plugs are shaping up nicely. The beam plugs have been constructed in a very similar manner to the larger plugs. This begins with designing the framework on the 3d model before exporting these to a CNC machine to be precision [...]

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Corsair 880 Design News

How we are using technology to our advantage. The technology available to R&D teams today is light years ahead of where it was just a decade ago. In such a short amount of time, new technologies have hit the market and those technologies have progressively become more affordable and accessible to individuals and businesses. [...]

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