Folding System Check-Up

At the heart of the Corsair Trimaran sailing experience is the folding system.  Our trimarans are uniquely versatile through their trailerability.  Being able to drive to new locations is of critical importance to many Corsair buyers – and it’s something you can read more about here.

So when it came to designing the new Corsair 880, no compromises were made when designing the folding system.  And we can now confirm that the first Corsair 880 folds beautifully, as illustrated in the pictures shown here.  Next week, we’ll launch this boat, and then do the all important test of pushing the floats through the water when folding.  But for now, we can say that the folding system works:  The floats feel lighter than the larger Corsair 970 despite being of even higher volume.  The fore-aft balance of the floats is exactly as expected.  And the floats happily sit folded on the trailer, and unfolded off it.  So a key characteristic of all Corsairs remains true with this new model – the beam bolts aren’t of critical importance when sailing, rather the boat wants to stay unfolded and pressure is not a constant on those bolts.

At the shipyard, our excitement grows every hour as we approach launch of the new model.  Keep checking back for updates as the weather forecast for next week looks perfect for testing – 20-knots + of wind and plenty of sunshine to light up every angle of this new boat.

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