Corsair 880 Construction Update #16

The 880 is beamed up and ready to fold!

With beam modification and testing now complete our fitout department have received 4 complete beams from the lamination team. Confident in the structural integrity (thanks to our intensive destructive testing process) we begin levelling up the main hull before mounting 4 sets of folding struts, carefully measuring and jigging up for correct dihedral, alignment and adequate folding geometry. Then once we have everything aligned and in place, we dry fit the entire assembly before firmly securing to the main hull with 32  half inch stainless bolts and a good amount of 3m’s UV 4000.

Next, the floats are aligned and finally beam sockets are glassed into place, firmly securing the beam ends deep into the bulkheads of the floats. We then complete all internal float reinforcement before gluing and glassing on the deck, sealing off the floats interior.

You’ll probably also notice in some of these photos, the full carbon rudder case, the carbon bowsprit and other fine details of the design. As you can see we’re getting very close to the water. Next step, raising the mast and checking sails and systems, we’re getting excited, and cant wait to go sailing!

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  1. bill morrison May 4, 2020 at 11:57 am

    Nice, excited to receive your next update Nha. Hope all is going well and everyone safe.

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