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Nha is a marketer falling into multihulls. She believes sailing is just a better way to travel than others. So much fun and so much to see. And the Corsair community is definitely her favorite social network to share the love!

Corsair 880 review by a Corsair 24 MKII owner

This was written by one of our owners. He has a Corsair 24 Mk-II that he keeps in Newport, RI. Hey Everyone, I thought I would share that I headed out to Wareham yesterday to check out the Corsair 880. I did not get to sail on it, my intention was only to see [...]

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Shallow water cruising at it’s best…

"I always wondered why Corsair emphasised high wind photos of your boats in advertising. The Corsairs are wonderful cruising boats. Particularly in warm shallow waters like the Bahamas." Hans Millenaar View current Corsair models here>>

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Join us on Tuesday, June 2nd to learn how the Corsair 880 is built, the differences between Corsair 880 standard and sport version, and the additional options available to you. Inspired by the Hall-of-fame F-27 back in 1986, the Corsair 880 has been designed, engineered and now tested on the water. Now, we're thrilled [...]

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Corsair 880 Construction Update #17

With the structure now complete, our team begin completing the deck hardware and finer details of the 880 design. This week we move the 880 out of the factory and raised the rig for the first time. We put the focus on simplifying the mast raising process, one of the driving factors resulting in [...]

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Corsair 880 Construction Update #16

The 880 is beamed up and ready to fold! With beam modification and testing now complete our fitout department have received 4 complete beams from the lamination team. Confident in the structural integrity (thanks to our intensive destructive testing process) we begin levelling up the main hull before mounting 4 sets of folding struts, [...]

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