The world’s only Equator Race! – Neptune Regatta

Every Lunar New Year we race to the Equator in an event known as the Neptune Regatta. This year had 6 Corsair Dashes make the dash. This year we were in the company of a 42′ Tri and a Stealth catamaran. Next year we are hoping we can pump the Dash Class out to 10 boats!

The Neptune Regatta is not a hard core around the cans race but rather is an island hop with a lot of nautical significance – the Line at 0′ 00″!



The event also proves 200 years of nautical history to be wrong – as there is wind all the way down and back!

This year we kicked off from Nongsa Point Marina into a good 18-25 knots of breeze with a short 6mile fetch before shooting out a kite for the next 40 miles for an overnight at Fishhead Island. The year before it kicked off into 30 knots – as long as it’s in the Lunar cycle, there will be wind.


The following day it’s about a 50 mile jaunt to base camp at Neptune Island. By this stage, you are quite deep into the Riau Group of islands but just scratching the surface of the 16,500 island in the Indonesian Archipelago!

The collision of the South China Sea and the Java Sea create a sea of legends as the overalls, currents, whirlpools and standing waves in the Cauldron have undoubtedly played havoc with the old trading vessels that use to ply their wares through here.



Neptune Island is uninhabited apart from the Neptune Regatta sailors. It’s a charm – no telecoms, no wifi, no email, just peace, good water and great sailing!

The dash across the Equator comes from the island and The Line lies just 8nm south. The dash is a south and north bound leg. At the end of the day your two times are added together for your daily result. The break between the two legs allows for enough time to accomplish the all important Pollywog initiation for all those who have never sailed across the Equator.

A day off on the island allows for the villagers on the nearby island opportunity to feed and entertain the visitors!


The race back to the marina had an overnight stay at some location. Each year the location had been changed but it’s somewhere around the half way point. This year it was Mabut Island and included a spicy fish dinner. The final race into the marina kicks off at 8am and it’s all over by mid afternoon.


Highlights of the week long event…
– sailing a Corsair down and then parking right on the beach of an uninhabited island where the sea is like an enormous pool!
– it’s a sojurn through are really nice but of the world
– it’s great racing with a different set of challenges everyday

Best bit is…
Competition between the Dashes is really good with each of the boats becoming more optimised over the years!

In 2019, we know more larger multihulls are coming – must be the cheap beer!

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