Corsair 880 Under Construction #6

880 Construction Update 6

Ok, so as you have seen in the last few updates the Corsair 880 trimaran is really starting to take shape now. At this stage in the game tape measures and calipers are our go to tool. Everything is getting checked and rechecked, we really need to nail this deck, so many other parts are relying on an accurate deck mold in order to properly marry up with the other components. We cannot stress enough how critical this stage is!

Another aspect of these checks is to check the ergonomics and practicality of the design. After all this is the first time we have sat inside the cockpit and walked the deck of what will end up being a 1:1 scale model of the real thing. So we have laid out mock ups of the hardware and work our way around the systems and usage of the boat, all the while making sure everything works, is comfortable and practical. During this exercise we were just blown away at how spacious this boat has turned out, remember this is a trailerable 29′ trimaran. Check out the images below and see just how big that cockpit is, in a few of the shots I am sitting in the cockpit as I would sailing and have included my legs in the shot to give you a sense of scale, i’m 5’11” btw.

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