20 years ago, Mike Horn finished his 18-month voyage around the equator on a Corsair 28

20 years ago, Mike Horn finished his 18-month voyage around the equator.

On this very day, 27th October, 20 years ago, Mike Horn finally reached Libreville, Gabon on the West Coast of Africa, where he started his solo voyage around the equator on a Corsair 28.

Mike  Horn (born 16 July 1966) is a South African-born Swiss professional explorer and adventurer. Mike Horn is globally known as the world’s greatest modern day explorer. From swimming the Amazon River solo and traveling the globe at the equator on a 28’ trimaran (Corsair 28), Mike’s list of accomplishments as a solo explorer is incomparable. Mike Horn became famous in 2001 after completing a 1 year, 4 months and 25 day solo journey around the equator without the assistance of any motorized transport, which departed on 2 June 1999.
Mike Horn completed the incredible challenge of traveling around the world in a straight line of 40,000 kms (24854.8 miles), going along the equator’s Latitude Zero. He spent no more than 2 days before his departure to learn the fundamentals of sailing and navigating on a new Corsair 28 on Lake Geneva before heading across the Atlantic with his Swiss sailor friend – Steve Ravussin.
Mike Horn on his Corsair 28 sailing the world

At the beginning, he barely caught any sleep while he was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. He slowly and gradually became more familiar with handling the 8 meter Corsair 28 trimaran, and he could finally learnt to sleep adequately during his travel. 19 days after leaving Libreville, he set a new time world record of traveling total of 7,800 km (4,845 miles) across the Alantic.

On his arrival in South America, he left his boat in the care of his logistics team, and continued crossing of the Amazon jungle from Brazil to Ecuador via Colombia  on foot and pirogue. The Corsair 28 was trailered across and awaiting him once again on the West Coast. After three months on the Pacific Ocean he arrived at the Indonesian Islands, from where he crossed the Indian Ocean. Africa, the last continent, he crossed on foot, on mountain bike and pirogue.
To reach his starting point, Gabon, and finalize the loop of his Latitude 0 expedition, Mike had to complete the last stage of his adventure: the crossing of the African continent. Traveling on foot, bicycle and canoe, Mike crossed five countries including Congo, in the midst of a civil war; yet again, narrowly escaping death on several occasions by getting arrested by rebel soldiers whom had decided to sentence him to death, or when he got caught in a storm, causing him to almost drown in Lake Victoria. This last stage, lasted 4 months during which he covered the remaining 4’200km to Libreville.

While most modern life is now filled with electronic devices, Mike Horn has lived his life as a world explorer and seen things that might never be seen by other people. His expeditions have made a great inspiration to the world, especially his book audience. One of the readers once said: “Mike Horn is a very exceptional man, endowed with a physique and a mind of steel. And, moreover, it has an equally exceptional baraka!”

Mike has written four books about his expeditions, each of which has reached the best seller list in France. These books are currently available in several different languages world-wide. Films of his exploits have also been made and have won many prizes throughout Europe.

More about his travelling stories around the equator: https://www.mikehorn.com/latitude0/
Mike Horn has done many of those biggest dreams of human being. There are still many world explorers have done their expeditions with many means of travels. Would this inspire you to travel the world with a Corsair trimaran? Let us know your thoughts.
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