Assembling the new Corsair 760 and Corsair 760R

What has your Commodore (Michael) and Vice Commodore (Alex) been up to lately? (just prior to the Corona virus shutdowns)

Well, a container carrying 2 Corsair 760s just arrived at the Multihull Central yard, and we had the job of assembling them and then handing the Corsair 760R over to it’s new owner Rob Laws.

The below is how we did this and also assembled the stock 760 all in a week.


In this photo we have already pulled the  760 out and have the slings attached to pull the stock 760. Note the masts attached at the top of the container, everything else was in or attached to the boats like a big mechano set and two “boys” ready to get into it.


The boats piggy back inside the container as it is only 12 metres long and we have two 7.6 metre boats – Corsair have done a great job in working out loading jigs. Once the boats were able to be accessed all of the bits that have to be attached were laid out including the masts (which by the way come full rigged and wired and only needed the forestay and shrouds attached to the mast)


The 760R was the piggy back boat


Lifting off the stands was easy (with a little bit of mechanical help!!) and the boats were lowered onto the trailers.

The trailers have fully adjustable everything so some time was spent under them with a jack to get the bearers in the right places to support the hull and then …..


Starting to look like boats albeit missing the fairly important beams, floats and mast.


The beams come wrapped up with support arms fitted and as these had been test fitted and adjusted in the factory they were marked as to where they had to go and on which boat.



Starting to look good here


Rob, the new owner, dropped by to see how his boat was going and was really pleased to see it in the flesh so to speak.


The floats attached and the trampolines fitted



Attached to Robs vehicle for the trip down to the launching ramp. Boat tows really well.


Rig up, sails fitted and in the water – took about an hour as this was the first time Rob has done this.


Had to get the iconic Sydney shot – Rob was very happy with boats performance as with the breeze about 8 to 12knts the boat was pretty much doing windspeed close hauled up the harbour and top speed for the trip was a bit over 12knts. Passing a lot of monohulls was great (Robs last boat was an Adams 10) and what a fantastic day to be out.

Rob was impressed with the light helm and responsiveness of the boat so after about 4 hours with the breeze fading it was back to the marina and short raft up next to a big boat. They both look great.



The trip back to the launching ramp , pack up and go home after a great sail.

For more on these boats see the below links:

Kind regards,

Michael – Commodore

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